Das georgische Filmfestival in München und Berlin


April in paris. აპრილი პარიზში. Ge 2015, R: Giga Chkheidze,


mit Khatia Buniatishvili und Ivry Gitlis, 75 Min, OmuE, in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs mit Anschliesend Q&A


A documentary about Two world-renowned musicians, Khatia Buniatishvili and Ivry Gitlis. : she - from Georgia, he –from Israel, both living in Paris. She – a young star pianist, he – a violin legend of our time.



Moira.მოირა. Ge 2015,

R:Levan Tutberidze,


Mit Paata Inauri, Jano Isoria,  Ani Bebia, Zaza Magalashvili, Giorgi Khurtsilava, Ketevan Tskhakhaia 


San Sebastián International Film Festival ( 2015) -

Main competition SIGNIS Award


Short Synopsis:


The fisherman brothers intend to make a living by fishing. They name a small fishing boat after Moira

goddess of fate. But fate is often blind and merciless



When the earth seems to be light. Ge/D 2015


R: Salome Machaidze, Tamuna Karumidze and David Meskhi,


mit Mishka, Mirian, Sandrik, Lukas, Larry.


75 Min, OmeU- in Anwesenheit der Regisseure mit Anschlieschend Q&A

This documentary is a story of kids, skaters, artists, musicians, in a post soviet country. A country in a distracted condition, where one can be crashed by the power of church and politics. It’s about thembeing lost in a controversial reality,...


Der Freund. მეგობარი. D/GE 2016 R: Dito Tsintsadze, mit Natia bakhtadze und 78 min. Original auf Deutsch



Der Film Der Freund konzentriert sich auf die alleinerziehende Mutter Nino und ihren Sohn Luca. Nino stammt aus Georgien und lebt nun mit ihrem Sohn in Berlin. Frustriert von ihrem Alltag, der kaum eine Perspektive zu bieten scheint, beschäftigt sie sich immer mehr mit dem Werk Marquis de Sades. In ihr wächst der Wunsch, jemand anderem Schmerzen zuzufügen, um sich so von ihrem emotionalen Stress abzulenken. Sie trifft auf einen geheimnisvollen Franzosen. Der ihr einziger Freund scheint. Ob er sich auf ihren Plan einlässt?


Listen to the silence. Ge 2016,


R: Mariam chachia

80 min, OmuE


Her film tells the story of a deaf boy who finds an opportunity for expression via dance at a boarding school.


To have a dream is very natural and easy for each one of us, but, to follow it, when no one else believes in it, is the fate if only a few 9-year-old Luka dreams to step onto the stage and dance because this is the only way for him to take his place in the big world. The only world he knows is the public school for deaf children where he studies and lives. Even though it’s very difficult for him to understand and learn the rhythm of the music, he never gives up. The film ‘Listen to the Silence’ observes Luka’s life in the hidden world of this deaf society. This is a story of a young boy’s dream to be heard.



Salt White. Ge 2011.

R: Keti Machavariani,

Mit Nino Koridze, Gagi Svanidze, Fea Tsivadze

80 min, OmeU


Post-Soviet Georgia in the beginning of the 21st century. Nana, 35, a single woman works as a seasonal worker on summer resort of Black Sea coast. Nana saves her income dreaming to purchase a small café in her hometown. She occasionally meets with patrol officer Niko, a refugee from Abkhazia.. Niko takes care of old parents, living at a hotel with others refugees. The father is looking after the amnesic mother, who isn’t able to recognize even her own son. Nana and Niko’s closed world is disrupted by the homeless child Sopo. She points them to a new path – path of hope. Only Nana is able to follow it.





Georgian Bread. ქართული პური. Ge 2016, R: Katie Orjonikidze-Casey,


Mit Kakhi kawsadze, 20 min



Legendary Georgian actor Kakhi Kavsadze plays George, an immigrant who, despite his age and distance from his country, tries to work hard and keep up with his traditions. The story takes place in Brooklyn, in a city with its own set of rules, where we find young businessman Michael struggling to keep his bakery business going. Even though he deeply loves and respects George, his baker, he has the opportunity to swap his cozy little Georgian bakery for a sushi place that will be more profitable for his business.



This girl is mine. ეს გოგონა ჩემია Ge 2011, R: Giorgi Janelidze. Mit Simoniko Chkheidze, Lovely Brown, 30 Min, OmeU


Nomination of the documentary short 2015: in the Great Lakes International Film Festival of the USA.



This Girl is Mine, it tells stories and dreams of the two little Georgian boys, one of who begs in the Batumi(Georgian city at the black sea) streets and the second copes with the problems of integration with local society and nostalgia in Munich, Germany. The (symbolic) connection of these two boys is little lovely girl.


There was a man. იყო ერთი კაცი. Ge 2013, D: George Varsimashvili. Mit Kakha Mikiashvili, Nana Dalakishvili, 15 Min, OmuE, in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs mit Anschliesend Q&A



A man is looking for one particular woman, who works as a prostitute. We don't know who he is and why he needs her.



My second family. მეორე ოჯახი. Ge 2016, R: Elene Asatiani.

Mit Anastasia Asatiani, Irakli Asatiani, Ruso Tavadze, Iveta Daniel, Sofie Asatiani, Gabriel Asatiani, 13 Min, OmuE, in Anwesenheit der Regisseurin mit Anschliesend Q&A


Two georgian sisters, Elene and Anastasia visit their father after long time of separation in Prag and meeting his new wife and children, his second family for the first time.

A documentary about love and longing after own father and mixed feelings of happiness of spending some time with him and his new family and tears of goodbye and sorrow for separation again.



Lethe. ლეთა. Fr/Ge 2015, R: Dea Kulumbegashvili.


mit  Mikheil GomiashviliDato Gogoladze, Vika Chocheva, 15 Min, OmeU:

Premiere at the Cannes Directors` Fortnight 2016



By the river of oblivion, a lonely horsemen passes through a village where children play with hidden desires, adults are indulged in a celebration and violence and love are instinctive parts of life.





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